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Mallard Duck Trio
Female Hiker on Taggart Lake Trail
Tourist at Turret Arch
Hiker in North Window
Hiker Standing in North Window
Hiker Between Sandstone Fins
Hiker on Sandstone Fin
Female Hiker Overlooking Valley
Moose and Calf in Winter Landscape
Grizzly Bear 399 in Meadow
Grizzly Bear Behind Bush
Grizzly Bear in Meadow
Grizzly Bear 399 in Sagebrush
Grizzly Bear and Fall Leaves
Ribbon Falls and Lush Vegetation
Hikers on Silver Suspension Bridge
Hikers Dwarfed on South Kaibab Trail
Hikers Descending South Kaibab Trail
Hikers Resting on South Kaibab Trail
Thru-Hiker at Schultz Tank
Cow Elk in Pine Forest
Thru-Hikers Below Cliffs