Sweet Creek Photography Gallery

Sweet Creek Trail on Boardwalk
Autumn Leaves Abstract
Sweet Creek Trail Entering Grove
Sweet Creek Trail Below Fall Colors
Sweet Creek Trail
Waterfall and Pool Along Sweet Creek
Sweet Creek Waterfall
Old Growth Abstract
Sweet Creek over Rocks and Boulders
Sweet Creek Cascading over Rock Slide
Sweet Creek and Fallen Leaves
Moss on Tree Branches
Autumn Leaves and Lush Moss
Small Sweet Creek Waterfall
Small Waterfall Along Sweet Creek
Old Growth Forest
Moss Covered Trees
Old Growth Along Sweet Creek Trail

Sweet Creek Information

The Sweet Creek Trail in western Oregon provides ample access to gorgeous displays of old growth forests. Tucked away in the Cascade Mountains, the trail is ripe with waterfalls and beautiful and relaxing perennial water flows. The main waterfalls are all 10-40 feet high, offering a wonderful sampling that's quick and easy to access and hike.

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