Superstition Mountains Photography Gallery

Silhouetted Saguaros Against Evening Sky
Siphon Draw Trail Below Superstition Mountains
Prickly Pear Cactus in Grasses
Arm of Canyon Lake Below Mountains
Barrel Cactus Above Canyon
Cholla Cactus Against Rocky Peaks
Cholla Cactus Above Canyon Lake
Superstition Cliffs Above Saguaros
Superstition Cliffs Above Flattening Landscape
Four Peaks Beyond Saguaro Cacti
Superstition Cliffs Above Saguaros
Desert Forest Below Four Peaks
Backlit Cholla Cactus
Cholla Cactus in Sunset Light
Cholla Cactus Below Western Superstitions
Saguaro and Superstition Cliffs
Roosevelt Lake Below Mountains
Roosevelt Bridge
Saguaro Cactus and Wildflowers
Badlands Along Roosevelt Lake
Badlands Beyond Roosevelt Lake
Hiking Trail in Desert Oasis
Sycamore Trees and Lush Greenery
Sycamore Tree Trunks
Sycamore Tree Trunks and Grasses
Arizona Trail Below Desert Peaks
Superstition Mountains Foothills
Rolling Desert Mountain Foothills
Rocky Cliff in Mountains
Dawn over Desert Mountains
Desert Mountains in Evening Light
Rocky Outcroppings in Evening Light
Twilight over Sierra Ancha Mountains
Sunset over Sierra Ancha Mountains
Sunset on Sierra Ancha Mountains
Sunset on Desert Mountains
Golden Light on Desert Mountains
Sunset Light on Desert Mountains
Evening Sky over Mountains
Mountain in Evening Light
Rocky High Desert Mountains
Large Rocky Outcropping
Juniper Trees in Afternoon Light
Engelmann Hedgehog Cactus Flower
Juniper Trees and Cactus
Desert Mountains in Afternoon Haze
Thru-Hikers Below Cliffs
Desert Mountains in Afternoon Haze

Superstition Mountains Information

The Superstition Mountains rise out of the desert floor and border the eastern reaches of the Phoenix metropolis. The mountains are a natural mecca ripe with hiking trails galore and they even sustain a rebounding wildlife population. The western face of the mountains are a dramatic uplift shooting out of the desert floor, creating an exciting photographic opportunity from Lost Dutchman State Park. This also serves as an adventurous gateway into the deeper depths of the mountains to areas like Siphon Draw, Flat Iron, and beyond. Deeper in the mountains the famous backcountry destination Reavis Ranch is found tucked away in the mountains. Another exciting feature for motorists is the Apache Trail which winds through the northern parts of the Superstitions past Canyon Lake, Apache Lake, and culminating at Roosevelt Lake.

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