Sedona Photography Gallery

Night Sky Above Sedona
Cathedral Rock of Sedona, Arizona
Cathedral Rock of Sedona, Arizona
Fall Color Reflection
Sandstone Cliff and Mountains
Sandstone Cliff and Mountains
Juniper Tree on Bear Mountain
Sandstone Cliff and Mountains
Prickly Pear Cactus on Bear Mountain
Yucca Below Storm Clouds
Prickly Pear Cactus Below Mountain
Whispy Clouds Above Bear Mountain
Spanish Bayonet Yucca Along Trail
Canyon Emptying off Bear Mountain
Oak Creek in Melting Snow
Sandstone Butte in Snow
Sandstone Buttes Above Oak Creek
Snow Along the West Fork Trail
Oak Creek in Snow
Trees and Cliffs in Snow Along West Fork
Trees in Snow Along West Fork
Trees Arching over Frozen West Fork
Snow Along West Fork of Oak Creek
Snow and Sandstone Canyon Walls
Icicles Above Sandstone Ledge
Snow and Ice on Sandstone Wall
Red Rock Mountains
Fall Leaves in Oak Creek Canyon
Stormy Weather Above Oak Creek Canyon
Oak Creek Below Storm Clouds
Sunset on Sandstone Butte
Sedona Below Bear Mountain
View from Bear Mountain
Ponderosa Pines on Bear Mountain
Manzanita and Red Rock Mountains
Red Rocks Below Bear Mountain
Red Rocks on Bear Mountain
Red Rocks of Sedona
Thunderstorm Over Red Rocks
Thunderstorm Over Red Rocks

Sedona Information

Sedona, Arizona is considered by many to be a place with a much stronger and focused energy pulsing through it. Whether you believe the new age theories about it or not, there's no denying that the red-rock mountains and rocks are captivating and mesmerizing in every aspect. Exposed Navajo sandstone is the reason for the red-rock that seems to be everywhere. Stretching up into Oak Creek Canyon, it can be found in many side canyons there, and of course in town at locations like Cathedral Rock, the Broken Arrow Trail, and views from the mountains above, such as Bear Mountain. Outside of the town limits, much of the area is protected by both Red Rock State Park and Coconino National Forest.

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