San Francisco Peaks Photography Gallery

Dirt Road in Juniper Forest
Dirt Road Passing Cinder Cone
San Francisco Peaks Above Junipers
Cinder Cones in Northern Arizona Prairie
Arizona Trail in Prairie Grasslands
Dirt Road in Northern Arizona
Arizona Trail Below San Francisco Peaks
Thinning Forest Below Mountains
Dirt Road Below San Francisco Peaks
Bismark Lake Below San Francisco Peaks
Arizona Trail in Northern Peaks
Meadow Below San Francisco Peaks
Kendrick Peak Above Landscape
Arizona Trail in Aspen Trees
Boulders Below Tree Trunks
Evening in San Francisco Peaks
Peak Above Pine Tree Forest
Forests Below San Francisco Peaks
Arizona Trail Hiker in Froest
Afternoon in Pine Forest
Thru-Hiker at Schultz Tank
Schultz Tank Below Peaks
Arizona Trail in Fire Burn
Burned Trees Near Flagstaff
Mating Horned Lizards
Sunning Horned Lizard
Arizona Trail in Pine Forest
San Francisco Peaks and Mountains
Sunset over San Francisco Peaks
Moon over Juniper Tree
San Francisco Peaks Sunset
Evening over San Francisco Peaks
Peaks Above High Desert Forest
Desert Beyond Flagstaff
Sandstone Wall in Forest
Snowy Peaks and Forest
Snowy Peaks and Forest
Snowy Peaks and Forest
Snowy San Francisco Peaks
Rock Climbers on Rock Wall
Rock Climbers on Rock Wall
Snowy San Francisco Peaks
Mountains Above Arizona Trail
Mountains Above Arizona Trail
Hiking Trail in Oak Forest
Prime Lake Below Storm Clouds
Marshall Lake and San Francisco Peaks
Lake Mary Road Below Arizona Trail

San Francisco Peaks Information

Flagstaff, Arizona is located at the southern base of the majestic San Francisco Peaks, a massive dormant volcano that contains Humphreys Peak, the state's highest peak. The series of peaks around the explosive mountain dominate the landscape for dozens of miles in any direction. They attract all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts in many different areas. The highest peaks are often explored through hiking, while the northern area to the north of the peaks is often seldom seen. The Arizona Trail fortunately passes through on its way to Babbitt Ranch, giving thru-hikers a glimpse into a cinder cone-filled area that few ever bother to explore.

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