Rockefeller State Park Preserve Photography Gallery

Whitetail Deer Fawn in Meadow
Whitetail Deer in Grasses
Sycamores Along Trail
Tree Branches Wrapping Trunk
Pocantico River Flowing Toward Tunnel
Pocantico River Winding Through Forest
Pocantico River Passing Under Bridge
Pocantico River Under Tunnel
Old Pipe Along Pocantico River
Small Creek Along Meadow
Sycamore Trees Along Hiking Trail
Old Carriage Road Below Arching Trees
Carriage Road Bridge
Wide Gravel Trail Under Summer Forest
Thirteen Bridges Trail Ascending Hill
Carriage Road Bridge over Gory Brook
Gory Brook Winding Toward Bridge
Gory Brook in Late Winter
Gory Brook Passing Under Bridge
Bridges Crossing Gory Brook
Thirteen Bridges Trail and Gory Brook
Bridges Along Thirteen Bridges Trail
Gory Brook in Winter Forest
Forest Stream in Late Winter
Forest Stream in Late Winter
Forest of Bare Trees
Old Carriage Road in Late Winter
Rock Wall Along Trail
Witch's Spring Trail Below Winter Trees
Pocantico River Below Winter Trees
Pocantico River Bridge Along Trail
Pocantico River Trail in Evergreens
Evergreens Along Pocantico River Trail
Pocantico River in Late Winter
Old Carriage Road Bridge
Witch's Spring Trail Ascending Hill
Witch's Spring Trail in Late Winter
Gory Brook and Witch's Spring Trail
Bridge Along Witch's Spring Trail
Retaining Rock Wall Along Carriage Road
Pocantico River Cascading over Rocks
Large Trees Along Trail
Pocantico River and Small Rapids
Bridge Over Pocantico River
Trees Along Pocantico River Trail
Old Croton Aqueduct in Winter
Bare Trees Arching Above Trail

Rockefeller State Park Preserve Information

The Rockefeller State Park Preserve is a large preservation of land donated to the state of New York by the Rockefeller family. It's located along the Hudson River, between the two towns of Sleepy Hollow and Pleasantville. With 32 miles of old carriage roads, as well as neighboring Douglas Park, the Old Croton Aqueduct, and the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, there's no shortage of outdoor recreation to be had. Many people use the trails for hiking, running, biking, and more. A number of old stone bridges, as well as Swan Lake also attract photographers and nature enthusiasts, while the park's plethora of birds draw in birders from all over.

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