Ward Pound Ridge Reservation Photography Gallery

Fog Above Wetlands Vegetation
Michigan Road Along Meadow
Large Rock in Forest
Cross River Emerging from Forest
Cross River in Summer Forest
Tree Reflection in Calm Water
Vines on Bridge
Bridge over Creek in Garden
Path Through Wildflower Garden
Pond Trickling into Stream
Stream Below Rocks
Small Stream Below Rocks
Stream Through Forest
Small Pond in Spring Forest
Young Ferns in Curls
Old Rock Property Boundary
Small Tree Over Creek
Pond in Spring Forest
Creek Feeding Pond
Trees Leafing Out
Cliffs Along Leatherman's Loop
Leatherman's Loop Overlook
Cross River Reservoir Below Overlook
Overlook Along Leatherman's Loop
Spring Forest Leafing Out
Old Fallen Tree in Spring Forest
Fallen Tree in Forest
Leatherman's Loop Trail in Spring
Rocks and Boulders on Forest Floor
Small Creek in Marshy Area
Grasses in Beaver Pond
Spring Vegetation in Wetlands
Spring Leaves on Mill Site Trail
Creek Flowing Below Mill Site Trail
Mill Site Trail Bridge over Small Dam
Creek Flowing Through Wetlands

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation Information

At over 4,300 acres, Ward Pound Ridge Reservation is Westchester County, New York's largest park. It features a large variety of both hiking and cross-country skiing trails, along with many other forms of recreation, including fishing and camping. The park features a popular hike called Leatherman's Loop that brings hikers to a panoramic lookout that rises high above the Cross River Reservoir and the surrounding hills. Ward Pound Ridge Reservation also features a number of historic sites, including petroglyphs, and structures from as early as the 18th century.

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