Owyhee Mountains Photography Gallery

Dirt Road in Idaho High Desert
Owyhee River in Rocky Gorge
North Fork of the Owyhee River
Dirt Road Crossing Owyhee River
Owyhee River Below Steep Cliffs
Fall Aspen Trees
Owyhee Mountains Landscape
Highway Heading Toward Owyhee Mountains
Dirt Road Ascending Into Mountains
Lava Beds at Sunrise

Owyhee Mountains Information

The Owyhee Mountains stretch along the southwestern borders of Idaho, bordering the Snake River Plain from the high desert that spreads into eastern Oregon and northern Nevada. The Owyhee Uplands Back Country Byway is a scenic byway that can be taken to get a sampling of some beautiful parts of the area. The road crosses through the Owyhee Mountains and skirts much of the southwest of the uplands, while also crossing the rugged North Fork of the Owyhee River.

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