New River Mountains Photography Gallery

Golden Light on Desert Mountains
Morning Light over McDowell Mountains
Sun Rising Near Four Peaks
Sun Lighting Desert Landscape
Roadway Through Desert Landscape
Highway Descending Toward Desert
Sunrise over Desert Mountains
Fiery Clouds over Desert Mountains
Fall Colors on Sycamores and Cottonwoods
Autumn Leaves on Cottonwoods
Rugged Mountain Wilderness
Dirt Road Descending Hills
Bloody Basin Road on Hills

New River Mountains Information

The New River Mountains border the northern stretches of Phoenix, Arizona, and extend upward toward Black Canyon National Monument. The mountains are broken up by natural creeks and canyons, and can be accessed most easily by a dirt road called Bloody Basin Road, providing access to both Black Canyon National Monument, as well as the Verde River. The area is known for many types of recreation, including hiking, fishing, hunting, and off-road vehicle access.

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