Most Recent 50 Photo Uploads

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Foundry Brook Cascading Through Forest
Small Waterfall Along Foundry Brook
Old Machine Shop Wall
Foundry Brook Below Trees
West Point Foundry Pattern Shop Ruins
Foundry Office in Summer
West Point Foundry Office
Treeline Against Wetlands
Evening Storms over the Hudson River
Evening Storms over Tree
Great Blue Heron in Hudson River
Last Light on Clouds Above Tappan Zee
Storm Clouds Above Pier Remains
Trees Lining Edge of Piermont Pier
Stormy Weather over Hudson River
Storm Clouds over Tappan Zee
Great Blue Heron and Tappan Zee Bridge
Whitetail Deer Fawn in Forest Brush
Whitetail Deer in Tall Vegetation
Crum Creek Flowing Through Forest
Crum Creek Waterfall
Waterfall over Ruins
Great Blue Heron Standing in Stream
Great Blue Heron in Stream
Birch Trees Along Hiking Trail
Canada Geese at Pond
Mushroom Abstract
Waterfall Along Demarest Kill Stream
Demarest Kill Stream in Forest
Great Blue Heron in Large Pond
Low-Tide Along Piermont Marsh
Tree Framing Hudson River
Early Autumn Colors
White Mushroom on Forest Floor
Red Mushroom and Rock
Storm Clouds Beyond Forest
Storm Clouds Above Forest
Puddles in Wide Gravel Trail
Puddle in Bridle Path
Vines and Tree Trunks Abstract
Hedge Bindweed Vine and Wildflower
Hedge Bindweed Wildflower
Whitetail Deer Doe and Fawn
Whitetail Deer Fawn in Trees
Whitetail Deer in Tall Meadow Grasses
Ripe Wineberry Along Bridle Path
Wineberries Along Bridle Path
Bridle Path Crossing Footbridge
Bridle Path in Green Forest
Vines on Trees and Vegetation