Kennedy Dells County Park Photography Gallery

Crum Creek Falling over Ruins
Sunbeams over Waterfall
Crum Creek Below Ruins
Rock Ledge over Crum Creek
Waterfall and Ruins Below Fog
Waterfall Below Fog
Crum Creek Descending Into Fog
Waterfall and Fog
Crum Creek Waterfall Below Fog
Fog Around Driveway Ruins
Fog on the Bridle Path
Tree Bending Over Trail
Hiker on Bridle Path Footbridge
Bridle Path Passing Evergreen Farm
Trail Passing Evergreen Farm
Fog on Muddy Pool
Puddle on Recreation Trail
Fog on Hiking Trail
Swirling Rocks Around Waterfall
Crum Creek Waterfall
Hiker Relaxing by Waterfall
Waterfall Ruins
Old House in Ruins
Waterfall and Ruins
Driveway Arches and Ruins
Storm Clouds over Meadow
Storm Clouds over Trails
Bridle Path in Summer Forest
Whitetail Deer Fawn in Forest Brush
Whitetail Deer in Tall Vegetation
Crum Creek Flowing Through Forest
Crum Creek Waterfall
Waterfall over Ruins
White Mushroom on Forest Floor
Red Mushroom and Rock
Storm Clouds Beyond Forest
Storm Clouds Above Forest
Puddles in Wide Gravel Trail
Puddle in Bridle Path
Vines and Tree Trunks Abstract
Hedge Bindweed Vine and Wildflower
Hedge Bindweed Wildflower
Early Autumn Colors
Whitetail Deer Doe and Fawn
Whitetail Deer Fawn in Trees
Whitetail Deer in Tall Meadow Grasses
Ripe Wineberry Along Bridle Path
Wineberries Along Bridle Path

Kennedy Dells County Park Information

Kennedy Dells County Park is a 179 acre park in Rockland County, New York. It features a number of recreation fields, as well as a variety of nature and hiking trails that weave in and out of forests and meadows preserved within its boundaries. Crum Creek borders the western boundary, where a man-made waterfall and ruins can be found leftover from the early 1900's. They were created when Adolph Zukor owned the land and was helping to make the town of New City the Hollywood of the east. The western portion of the park contains a healthy diversity of deciduous trees native to the area.

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