Northern Kaibab Plateau Photography Gallery

Coyote Buttes Under Sky
Cloudy Skies and Coyote Buttes
Car Traveling House Rock Valley Road
Car on House Rock Valley Road
Coyote Buttes Layered Sandstone
Orange Globe Mallow in Grasses
Northern Arizona Sandstone Hills
Arizona Trail Descending Last Miles
Collared Lizard Resting on Rock
Collared Lizard on Rock
Arizona Trail Near Coyote Buttes
Blooming Cactus Flower
Arizona Trail Near Northern Terminus
Dry Wash and Coyote Buttes
Stars over Northern Kaibab Plateau
Sunset over the Arizona Trail
High Desert Forest
Southern Coyote Buttes Above Juniper Trees
Sagebrush Flats Along Arizona Trail
Northern Kaibab Plateau Juniper Trees
Cloudy Skies over High Desert
Trail in Pine Forest
Pine Tree Trunks and Oaks
Pine Tree Trunks and Scrubby Oak Brush
Hiking Trail in Pine Forest
Arizona Trail in Ponderosa Pines
Pine Trees in Fog
Heavy Snow Storm on Arizona Trail
Blizzard on Arizona Trail
Forest Creek
Snow Along Forest Creek
Snow Covering Forest Creek
Snow Storm on Arizona Trail
Snowy Trees Abstract
Snowy Aspens over Arizona Trail
Aspens in Snow
Arizona Trail in Snow
Aspens Trunks in Snow
Snowy Trees Abstract
Tree Trunk in Snow
Spruce Trees Shading Arizona Trail
Spruce Trees over Arizona Trail
Trail Winding Through Thick Forest
Storms over Grassy Meadow
Arizona Trail in Grassy Meadow
Arizona Trail Crossing Grassy Meadow
Storms over Marble Canyon
Storm Clouds over Marble Canyon

Northern Kaibab Plateau Information

The northern Kaibab Plateau contains a dense ponderosa pine and juniper forest. As the plateau descends from its peak just north of the Grand Canyon's North Rim, the forest can be seen stretching northward for dozens of miles. As it begins to near the high desert near Arizona's northern border, the pines give way to juniper and pinyon pine trees as sagebrush also begins to break up the trees. The Arizona Trail winds northward over the plateau on its way to the northern terminus of the trail. It descends the plateau where fantastic views of the Coyote Buttes and features of Grand Staircase can be seen in incredible detail.

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