Huachuca Mountains Photography Gallery

Light Pollution Above Huachucas
Orion and Night Sky Above Canelo Hills
Earth's Shadow Behind Huachucas
Juniper Tree in Sunset Light
Juniper Trees Against Sunset
Desert Grasslands Mountains
Arizona Trail Below Huachuca Mountains
Grasslands Below Huachuca Mountains
Desert Grasslands Hiking Trail
Dry Creek Bed in Oak Trees
Southern Arizona Sky Islands
Hiking Trail Through Snow
Hiking Trail Through Snow
Hiking Trail Through Snow
Huachuca Mountain Crest Trail in Forest
Dead Yucca Stalk Fallen Over
Cluster of Oak Trees
Oak Trees over Trail
Huachuca Mountain Crest Trail
Rock Spire Above Crest Trail
Ponderosa Pines Above Desert Grasslands
Snow in Sky Islands
Sunset from the Huachucas
Sunset from the Huachucas
Snow in Sky Islands
Southern Arizona Desert Below Sky Island
Sky Island Snow
Aspen Trees and Snow
Footprints in Snow
Snow in Higher Elevations of Huachucas
Snow in Huachucas Panorama
Rocky Ridge in the Huachucas
Snow Above Southern Arizona Desert
Old Evergreen Above Desert Grasslands
Snow on Huachuca Mountain Ridgeline
Snow on Shady Ridge
Footprints in Snow
Trail Sign Along Crest Trail
Arizona Trail Below Huachucas
Exposed Granite in Huachucas
Rocky Ridge in the Huachucas
Layered Ridge in Huachucas
Snow and Ponderosa Pines
Rocky Cliffs Above Sierra Vista
Exposed Rocky Granite in Huachucas
Exposed Granite in Huachucas
Southern Huachucas
Southern Arizona Snow

Huachuca Mountains Information

The Huachuca Mountains transverse the border of the United States and Mexico. They're one of Arizona's southernmost mountain ranges and a spectacular example of a sky island. Though the desert floor below exhibits extreme heat and rolling desert grasslands, the higher elevations of the mountains, including Miller Peak, are home to a forest of pine and evergreen trees. In these higher elevations, reaching around 9,000 feet above sea level, snow and winter weather are regularly expected. Much of this area is around Miller Peak, the highest peak in the mountains and namesake of the Miller Peak Wilderness. The mountains are also home to Coronado National Memorial, commemorating the first organized expedition into the Southwest by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado. It's that the trailhead for the 800+ mile Arizona Trail can be found.

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