Greater Yellowstone Trail

Teton Peaks Along the Greater Yellowstone Trail

The Greater Yellowstone Trail is currently an idea that I’ve put together after spending over month straight staring at both digital and physical maps. The idea of being able to continuously hike through the region has been the driving force for this trail.

The GYT starts near Lander, Wyoming, heading into the Wind River Mountains, traveling over the mountains to Pinedale for a resupply. It then heads back into the Winds and north toward Dubois, Wyoming. From there, hikers will head up the highly underrated Gros Ventre Mountains via the Gros Ventre River headwaters. This will show off some of the highest peaks in the area before landing in Jackson, Wyoming. Jackson will serve as a major resupply point thanks to its multiple easily accessible and large grocery stores before ascending back up into the Gros Ventre Mountains and heading south to Hoback. The trail will then head into the Snake River Mountains and explore its remote terrain on its way to Victor, Idaho. From there, it proceeds up into the southern Teton Mountains and then along the Teton Crest Trail. It then drops out via the Alaska Basin to Alta, Wyoming before continuing to Flagg Ranch. The trail then straddles the southeastern boundary of Yellowstone National Park. Here it intersects with the Thoroughfare, the most remote location in the Lower 48. The trail heads north here and then straddles the eastern border of Yellowstone, popping out at Wapiti, and then Cooke City, Montana. From here, it heads up into the Beartooth Mountains before reaching its terminus near Red Lodge, Montana.

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