High Tor State Park Photography Gallery

Fall Forest Above High Tor Trail
Autumn Leaves Above High Tor Trail
Trail Below Fall Leaves
Fall Colors Along High Tor Trail
High Tor Trail in Autumn Trees
Fall Colors Rising Above
Branches in Fall Leaves
Haverstraw and Palisades
Palisades Covered in Fall Colors
Haverstraw and Hudson River
Autumn Colors on Palisades
Sunlight on Fall Forest
Sunbeam Above DeForest Lake
Fall Leaves Above Havestraw
DeForest Lake in Fall Forest
Boulders and Forest Floor in Fall Leaves
High Tor Trail in Fall Leaves
Autumn Abstract
Long Path in Autumn Colors
Green Leaves in Fall Forest
High Tor Trail Winding Through Trees
Hiking Trail in Fall Leaves
Long Path Below Fall Colors
Boulders Below Fall Leaves
Autumn Leaves Abstract
Autumn Color Abstract
Fall Color Abstract
Logs Along Trail Under Fall Leaves
Autumn Leaves Arching Above Trail
Fall Colors Arching Above Trail
Autumn Leaves Surrounding Trail
Fall Leaves Above Trail
Long Path in Fall Leaves
New York City from Little Tor
Little Tor Spur Trail
Hudson River Below Little Tor
Haverstraw Below Little Tor
Hudson Valley Below Little Tor

High Tor State Park Information

High Tor State Park is a protected area in the lower Hudson River Valley of New York. It protects nearly 700 acres of a low mountain ridgeline known as the Palisades, extending from Staten Island, north to the town of Haverstraw. The highest point along this ridgeline, High Tor, is contained within the state park at just shy of 800 feet above sea level. A spur trail leads to another peak in the park with a more northern lookout, known as Little Tor, at 620 feet.

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