Harriman State Park Photography Gallery

Timp-Torne Trail in Birch Trees
Hudson River Beyond Rocky Overlook
Bear Mountain Above Green Forest
Bear Mountain from Appalachian Trail
Scenic Overlook from Appalachian Trail
Leatherleaf Wildflowers
Tree Trunk Abstract Against Rocks
Deciduous Tree Trunks
Fawn Trail Winding Into Denser Forest
Small Puddle in Trail
Fawn Trail in Forest
Rocky Outcropping Along Fawn Trail
Summer in Deciduous Forest
Small Pine Trees in Forest
Green Deciduous Forest
Rolling Hills Beyond Appalachian Trail
Bear Mountain and Rolling Hills
Fawn Trail in Spring Forest
Bear Mountain Beyond Bare Trees
Spring Bushes Below Bare Trees
Fawn Trail in Rocky Hills
Fawn Trail Marker
Fawn Trail Ascending Hill
Long Shadows in Spring Forest
Bushes and Plants Leafing Out for Spring
Bike Trail Winding Through Forest

Harriman State Park Information

Harriman State Park is a large preservation of land found in the lower Hudson River Valley, spanning Rockland and Orange Counties. It's the second-largest state park in the state of New York, stretching for more than 47,000 acres. The park is often associated with its northeastern neighbor, Bear Mountain State Park, the Appalachian Trail winding through each. The park features dozens of lakes, hiking trails, and recreation activities and destinations, and is popular with many outdoor enthusiasts.

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