Grizzly 399 and Family Information

Grizzly #399 rose to fame between 2006 and 2008 when she emerged with her first (known) set of cubs. The triplets and Grizzly 399 captured the hearts of locals and the few tourists visiting the area at the time. She kept her cubs relatively close to the roadsides to help keep them safe from male bears who would otherwise be anxious to put the females back into heat to mate with them. One of the cubs would go on to also win the hearts of both locals and tourists. Grizzly #610 took after her mother and in the following years, frequented the same areas as her mother, such as Oxbow Bend, Willow Flats, and the Pilgrim Creek area. Within just a few short years, April and May in Grand Teton National Park went from being virtually emtpy to a bear watching season where crowds would gather to watch these gorgeous grizzly bears exhibit natural behavior literally just off of the roadsides. Sadly, many of Grizzly 399’s cubs have suffered tragic early deaths, whether from poachers, vehicle collisions, or the Game and Fish Department. Several cubs of the year to date have been struck by cars, other offspring such as Bear #615 were shot by hunters who were uneducated about bear behavior as well as poachers who simply don’t appreciate the value of a grizzly bear. Questions still remain as to why the Game and Fish Department put down Grizzly #760, another of Grizzly 399’s offspring. Regardless, the grizzlies of Grand Teton National Park have proven to be a huge economic force to the region, and no one can deny that.

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