Great Smoky Mountain National Park Photography Gallery

Fallen Autumn Leaves Abstract
Ground Leaves Abstract
Rainbow of Fall Leaves
Decaying Log Below Fall Colors
Moss-Covered Tree Stump
Nature Trail in Fall Leaves
Tree Trunks in Forest
Abstract Fall Leaves Around Tree Trunks
Moss-Covered Boulders in Dry Creek
Solitary Red Leaf
Large Red Maple Leaf
Fall Colors Forest
Orange and Yellow Fall Colors
Abstract Autumn Colors on Trees
Young Autumn Tree
Abstract Forest Tree Trunks
Forest Stream
Appalachian Mountain Stream
Creek Pouring over Rocks
Creek Flowing Through Rocks
Forest Fire Smoke in Mountains

Great Smoky Mountain National Park Information

Great Smoky Mountains National Park preserves some of the last remaining virgin forests in the Appalachian Mountains. Home to black bear, deer, and many other forms of wildlife, the park is easily the most popular national park in the National Park Service, averaging over 9,000,000 visitors each year. The area preserves mountain terrain and diversity that have been living in the mountain environment for over 300,000,000 years, when the Appalachian Mountains were formed. The area is renowned for its diversity in both flora and fauna while also containing a popular segment of the ambitious Appalachian Trail, where it straddles the borders of North Carolina and Tennessee.

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