Gila River Canyons Photography Gallery

Picketpost Mountain and Saguaro Cactus
Storm Clouds over Picketpost Mountain
Ocotillo in Alamo Canyon
Weaver's Needles Beyond Rolling Desert
Superstition Mountains Desert Landscape
Blooming Flowers Below Rocky Cliffs
Desert Wildflowers in Bloom
Littleleaf Ratany Wildflowers
Saguaros Below Picketpost Mountain
Littleleaf Ratany Wildflowers
Picketpost Mountain and Superstitions
Picketpost Mountain
Wildflowers and Picketpost Mountain
Silhouetted Saguaros and Desert Mountains
Santa Catalina Mountain Phlox
Goodding's Verbena Wildflowers
Saguaro Cactus Against Picketpost Mountain
Saguaros Below Picketpost Mountain
Saguaros Below Picketpost Mountain
Picketpost Mountain Beyond Canyon
Picketpost Mountain Below Clouds
Desert Mountains and Canyons
Storm Clouds over Desert Mountains
Rain Falling Over Desert Mountains
Band of Coati
Juvenile Vagrant Grasshopper
Scarlet Hedgenettle Wildflowers
Colorful Desert Mountains
Colorful Desert Mountains
Colorful Desert Mountains
Colorful Desert Mountains
Ocotillo and Narrowleaf Yucca
Desert Hiking Trail
Sonoran Desert Mountains
Rocky Peaks Rising Above Desert
Jagged Peaks Over Open Desert
Rocky Desert Landscape
Rocky Desert Mountains
Rugged Desert Canyons
Colorful Rocky Terrain
Jagged Peak Above Terrain
Rocky Peak Above Desert Mountains
Rocky Desert Mountains
Saguaro Cactus and Desert Peak
Hiking Trail in Rugged Mountains
Saguaro Cactus Above Desert
Blooming Ocotillo over Cholla Cactus
Blooming Saguaro Cactus Flower

Gila River Canyons Information

The Gila River Canyons are home to the last section of the Arizona Trail to be completed. They're a rugged and remote section of Arizona that few have ever ventured through. The scenery however, is some of the best of the entire 800-mile trail. The trail starts near the town of Kearny, Arizona and proceeds downstream along the Gila River. It then cuts north through unnamed canyons and mountains, both with extraordinary abstract rocky patterns in outcroppings. Classic Sonoran Desert vegetation is on full display throughout the entirety of the area. An unnamed butte, affectionately referred to as Dale's Butte after the late founder of the Arizona Trail, can also be found along the trail. To the north are more rugged canyons before being led to Alamo Canyon. Views of the Superstition Mountains open up here, and of course, the monstrous Picketpost Mountain. The trail winds around Picketpost Mountain before finding its way to the highway.

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