Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park offers a distinctly unique perspective of the Colorado Plateau begging to be explored extensively. It encompasses massive labyrinths of canyons carved out by millions of years of erosion from the Colorado and Green Rivers and all their smaller tributaries. Extraordinary views can be enjoyed from far above in the Island in the Sky District, where many overlooks complement extraordinary features, such as Mesa Arch. For those wanting a more intimate view of the canyon mazes, the Needles District is where many begin both short and lengthy adventures. This area gives hikers and backpackers endless desert terrain to explore. Even more remote and harder to access is the Maze District, where an intricate maze of canyons and eroded sandstone formations are found around every turn. As one of the National Park Service’s larger entities, the park has plenty of activities to keep anyone interested in the incredible desert landscape.