Black Hills and Tortilla Mountains

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Both the Tortilla Mountains and Black Hills are some of the most seldom visited areas along the Arizona Trail. Though certainly not as dramatic as more mountainous areas of the trail, each feature extraordinary examples of Sonoran Desert landscapes and vegetation. The Black Hills contain endless washes and arroyos, all lined with classic desert plant life and wildlife. Between the two areas the landscape levels out dramatically, providing hikers and mountain bikers a brief respite. As the trail approaches the Tortilla Mountains, the landscape begins to become unsettled once again. Large hills lead into the Ripsey Wash area, the site of a controversial proposed mine tailings deposit. The site would cause irreparable damage to the pristine landscape and would also force the Arizona Trail to find another route through. North of Ripsey Wash is The Big Hill, the final punctuation mark on this area of the Arizona Trail. This is the largest part of the Tortilla Mountains that the trail goes over before it descends to the Gila River.

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