Rincon Mountains and Rincon Valley

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Rising out of the Sonoran Desert floor east of Tucson, Arizona are the Rincon Mountains. The southern Arizona sky island is comprised of two prominent peaks: Mica Mountain and Rincon Peak. Both mountains are at least partially contained within the boundaries of Saguaro National Park. In the shining example of Sonoran Desert scenery, hikers can hike from a forest of saguaro cactus, to a more traditional forest of ponderosa pine trees high up near the summits of the peaks. To the south of Saguaro National Park is the Rincon Valley, a pleasant and easy-going valley flooded with signature cactus and desert plants. Heading south even farther are southern foothills of the Rincon Mountains protected in Colossal Cave Mountain Park. Dramatic mountains and amazing desert scenery converge around a unique cave in this area. To the northwest of Saguaro National Park is an area known simply as Redington Pass. Much of this area is the northwestern foothills of the massive Rincon Mountains. Thru-hikers of the Arizona Trail get to experience all of these areas. The AZT passes right through each, showing off much of the best scenery.

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