Elk Mountains Photography Gallery

Snow and Winter on Maroon Bells
Maroon Bells Reflection
Winter Setting in Around the Maroon Bells
Clouds Above Maroon Bells
Winter Sunrise Above Maroon Lake
Peaks Above Maroon Lake
Winter Maroon Bells Above Maroon Lake
Cloudy Sunrise over Maroon Bells
Maroon Lake Icing Over
Winter Maroon Bells Above Reflection
Person Admiring Sunset on Maroon Lake
Aspens on Rocky Mountainside
Maroon Bells Reflected in Maroon Lake
Early Winter on Maroon Lake
Peaks Reflected in Water
Muskrat Feeding in Lake
Muskrat in Maroon Lake
Maroon Bells Reflected in Icy Water
Maroon Lake Reflecting Maroon Bells
Maroon Lake Frozen in Early Winter
Maroon Bells Over Frozen Lake
Maroon Lake Frozen Over
Road Below Maroon Bells

Elk Mountains Information

The Elk Mountains are located in western-central Colorado in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. They're known primarily for the popular outdoor destination of the Maroon Bells, a pair of peaks situated high above Maroon Lake below. The glacial lake is a known location for both outdoor recreation, as well as photographers. Though closed in the winter, the Maroon Bells attract a variety of people from travelers anxious to see the prominent peaks, to hikers and climbers itching for rugged and remote outdoor adventure.

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