Demarest Kill County Park Photography Gallery

Fall Colors Reflected in Pond
Canada Goose Below Fall Colors
Autumn Leaves in Wind
Fall Leaves on Pond
Autumn Leaves Reflection
Autumn Leaves in Pond
Mushroom on Old Growth
Great Blue Heron on Pond Shore
Trees Above Demarest Kill Stream
Demarest Kill Stream in Forest
Tree Branch over Creek
Resting Dragonfly
Dragonfly on Branch
Great Blue Heron in Wetlands
Great Blue Heron Standing in Stream
Great Blue Heron in Stream
Birch Trees Along Hiking Trail
Canada Geese at Pond
Mushroom Abstract
Waterfall Along Demarest Kill Stream
Demarest Kill Stream in Forest
Great Blue Heron in Large Pond
Calm Waters Reflecting Trees
Winter Forest and Pond
Bare Tree Arching over Pond
Calm Pond Reflections
Winter Pond Reflections

Demarest Kill County Park Information

Demarest Kill County Park is a 30 acre park in the heart of New City, New York that's been kept heavily wooded, with a large pond that empties near a tributary of the Demarest Kill Stream. In addition to the variety of deciduous trees, the park preserves wetlands where multiple bird species frequently can be seen, including great blue heron. Several wide and well-maintained trails radiate around the pond, while a short and easy hiking trail meanders through woods along the pond's north and west perimeter. Despite its relatively small area, Demarest Kill County Park provides a beautiful escape for anyone in the New City area.

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