Churchill Photography Gallery

Red Fox in Wind
Standing Red Fox
Red Fox Standing in Wind
Northern Lights Over Churchill
Hiding Polar Bear
Polar Bear Standing in Snow
Approaching Polar Bear
Polar Bear on Frozen Lake
Polar Bear Walking Along Shore
Polar Bear on Freezing Shore
Walking Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox Overlooking Hill
Sneaky Arctic Fox
Red Fox Looking Up
Red Fox Listening
Curious Red Fox
Cute Red Fox
Red Fox Hunting in Snow
Red Fox Listening Through Snow
Red Fox Hunting on Snow
Red Fox Sneaking Through Snow
Hungry Red Fox
Sleeping Polar Bear
Resting Polar Bear
Walking Polar Bear
Sparring Polar Bears
Polar Bears Sparring in Snow
Polar Bears Play Fighting
Wrestling Polar Bears
Polar Bears Hugging
Polar Bears Dancing
Punching Polar Bears
Polar Bears Wrestling
Angry Polar Bears
Polar Bears About to Fight
Relaxing Polar Bear
Polar Bear Cooling Off
Polar Bear Asleep in Snow
Polar Bear in Deep Sleep
Frozen Churchill Sunset
Freezing Arctic Landscape
Freezing Lakes on Landscape
Sub-Arctic Landscape
Panoramic Arctic Landscape
Fading Warmth on Frozen Landscape
Red Fox Sleeping on Snow
Red Fox Listening Through Snow

Churchill Information

Few places inspire a nature photographer like Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. Known as the polar bear capital of the world, North America's largest predators descend upon the region in anticipation of the Hudson Bay freezing over so they can begin hunting seals throughout the winter. In addition to polar bears, the area is ripe with plenty of other wildlife as well, of which red foxes do their best effort to be seen as well.

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