Where’s the Wildlife? – May

Sunset over Teton Mountains

May is one of the best times of the year for wildlife. With all the snow melted and vegetation at its healthiest, wildlife all over the valley is flourishing. In addition, offspring of many different animals are beginning to be born through the month, such as bison, moose, and many others.… Keep reading...

Southern WY Along 191 and Dinosaur National Monument

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I’m currently catching up my connected life in Moab, Utah where I’m having a delicious sandwich at Pantele’s Desert Deli (thanks for the recommendation, Bret!), downloading photos, and going through emails. Thus far, the trip has been great! My only regret is not getting a quick interview from a guy named Steven that I met in Dinosaur National Monument when he told me about someone going door-to-door in Grand Juction, Colorado offering to pay residents to put up shielded lighting and having the vast majority of them refuse, even though it came out of his pocket and would cost them nothing.… Keep reading...

Rewilding the Earth and Human Evolution

George Monbiot speaks about the rewilding process at a TED conference and why it is so essential that we begin to take it seriously.
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In a brilliantly fantastic TED talk, George Monbiot breaks down the trophic cascade from the gray wolf and even takes it a step further as he cites other examples of ecosystems where similar effects have been lost.… Keep reading...

Dramatic Alpenglow Over the Teton Mountains

Alpenglow Over the Teton Mountains

Yesterday I met up with another visiting photographer to take a chance on a sunrise from the Snake River Overlook in Grand Teton National Park. He couldn’t have timed it better! Despite brutal winds, pelting sleet and so much snowdrift I got stuck, twice, just at the overlook, it was all made worth it by this display of alpenglow and probably one of the most dramatic sunrises I’ve seen over the Teton Mountains.… Keep reading...

Valley of the Gods Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm over Butte

Every now and then I like to clean out my archives, which either means removing images that aren’t up to my standards, or redoing an image that just never seemed to pop like it should.

Such was the case with this image of a thunderstorm over Sugarloaf Mountain in Valley of the Gods in southern Utah.… Keep reading...

Storms Over Sleeping Indian Panorama

Thunderstorm Over The Sleeping Indian

The other night I had made a quick drive out to Kelly, Wyoming in Grand Teton National Park and in looking at the clouds and light, I began expecting a nice sunset over the Tetons. I drove back out toward Highway 89 and got myself set up, patiently waiting for something to happen.… Keep reading...