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Capitol Reef National Park Photos

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Capitol Reef National Park Info

Capitol Reef National Park is Utah's most underrated national parks, and one of the more underrated in the country. Despite this, it's not only an outdoor enthusiast's paradise, but it also boasts one of the darkest night skies in the country, having been Dark Sky Certified by the International Dark Sky Association in April of 2015. The Milky Way Galaxy seems to shine a little brighter over the Waterpocket Fold here, an enormous "wrinkle" in the earth's crust that could only be found on the Colorado Plateau. It's also the main feature of this national park, nearly all of it within the park's boundaries. Thanks to the massive sandstone landscape, constant erosion has exposed hundreds of millions of years of geologic history in the Waterpocket Fold and in the canyons below it. As a result, Capitol Reef National Park boasts the largest collection of exposed geologic layers of any of Utah's national parks.

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