Canelo Hills Photography Gallery

Large Desert Grasslands Hill
Ocotillo and High Desert Vegetation
Santa Rita Mountains Beyond Desert Hills
Yucca Plant Below Rocky Hills
Arizona Trail Through Mesquite Trees
Mesquite Trees Along the Arizona Trail
Mesquite Trees Below Rocky Hill
AZT Passing Through Mesquite Trees
Arizona Trail in Desert Grasslands
Hiking Trail in Desert Mesquites
Mesquite Trees Below Hills
Mesquite Trees and Desert Grasslands
Mesquite Trees and Desert Grasses
Arizona Trail in Desert Hills
Rock Cairn Below Hill
High Desert Grassland Hills
Arizona Trail Ascending Desert Hills
Oak and Junipers Covering Desert Hills
Oak Trees Below Hills
Sonoran Desert Grassland Hills
Southern Arizona Grassland Desert
Oak and Mesquite Trees in High Desert Hills
Oak and Mesquite Trees
Desert Trees in Small Canyon
Mesquite Forest Below the Santa Rita Mountains
Southern Arizona Desert Hills
Red Bank Canyon Above Mesquite Trees
Red Bank Canyon
Oak Arching Above Red Bank Canyon
Oak Trees Framing Red Bank Canyon
Oak Tree Framing Large Desert Hills
Hiking Trail Through Oak Trees
Forested Hills in Desert Grasslands
Hiking Trail Below Large Grassland Hills
Hiking Trail in Grassy Meadow
Creek in Small Canyon
Creek Filled with Algae
Creek in Cott Tank Enclosure
Pools of Water in Drying Creek
Cott Tank Enclosure
Yucca and Oak Tree
Oak Trees in Shallow Canyon
Cottonwood Trees in Canyon
Arizona Trail in Cott Tank Exclosure
Creek Flowing Through Grassy Meadow
Sign Marking Cott Tank Exclosure
Dry Creek Bed in Canyon
Oak Tree Providing Shade

Canelo Hills Information

The Canelo Hills stretch out westward from the western Huachuca Mountains. As the foothills of the mountains, they're a beautiful collection of rolling grassland, high desert hills. Their presence preserves a unique piece of the desert in southern Arizona. Though often overlooked, the hills have an overwhelming pleasantness and relaxing feel to them and offer majestic views of the Huachucas to the east, and the Santa Rita Mountains to the west. They wind down in the western end at the charming town of Patagonia, Arizona where they meet with the southern foothills from the Santa Rita Mountains. Sadly, such a beautiful landscape is also under a threat for its permanent destruction through a mining operation. Efforts are underway to preserve the area, but only time will tell if they're successful. It'd be tragic to lose such a remarkable and remote gem of southern Arizona.

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