Buttermilk Falls County Park Photography Gallery

Buttermilk Falls Frozen in Winter
Changing Fall Tree Above Creek
Autumn Leaves Around Small Creek
Fall Leaves and Fog Above Creek
Early Autumn Colors on Ground
Early Autumn Leaves Around Waterfall
Leaves Around Small Cascading Falls
Buttermilk Falls Pouring over Cliff
Fog Above Hiking Trail
Hiker Below Early Autumn Trees
Fallen Tree in Drainage
Vine Wrapping Around Branch
Hiker Below Birch Trees
Hiking Trail Illuminated Below Trees
Small Trickling Waterfall
Small Cascading Creek
Summer Vegetation on Rocks Abstract
Rocks and Grasses Abstract
Trickling Creek Through Rocks
Large Tree and Trickling Waterfall
Patterns and Stains on Rocks
Hiker Climbing Rocky Steps
Hiker on Footbridge
Trees Arching Above Footbridge
Green Tree Canopy over Trail
Grasses Along Wide Gravel Trail
Hiker in Forested Trail
Trail in Summer Forest
Rocks Below Tree Canopy

Buttermilk Falls County Park Information

Buttermilk Falls County Park only protects about 75 acres in southern New York, but thanks to the plentiful amount of parks it neighbors, connects to a much larger area of protection, totaling nearly 1,000 in just a few miles of trails. Likewise, hiking trails extend from the park into the other parks, which include Blauvelt State Park, Schuyler Town Park, and more. The Long Path travels just a few miles from Buttermilk Falls County Park, making it easily accessible from its boundaries. The park itself protects a section of the Hudson River Palisades on the western side, where a beautiful waterfall dozens of feet high come tumbling down into a deep rocky gorge. The park also features prominent overlooks where fantastic views eastward can be found by climbing up the relatively steep trails.

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