12 Favorite Photos from 2012


Frosted Trees Along the Snake River

Despite a lack of wildlife to be found around the area, I was still able to make great opportunities as they arose. The winter had turned into an unusually warm one for Jackson Hole and while normally it’s too cold to even snow, rain was becoming common throughout January. Yet winter still persisted off and on.… Keep reading...

When to See Wildlife in Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole

Bison and Teton Mountains

Below I’ve charted out the best times of the year to see the most requested wildlife in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park. Below the chart, I’ve described the reasoning for those times of the year, as well as areas that those particular animals frequently are seen. Keep in mind that nature works on its own schedule, so even though a box might be marked as red (not a good time to see it) you can still see it.… Keep reading...

How to Always Capture Wildlife in Action

Snowy Owl in Flight

Many people think that just because they learn how to operate in Manual mode (M), that they need to keep it there to get the best shots. I can’t even begin to tell you how many great photos I would have missed if there were any truth to that.

The simple fact is, the other modes are there to help you get important shots when time is a factor, such as with wildlife.… Keep reading...

Jackson Hole Winter Wildlife Video Compilation

Lately I’ve been a little lacking in things to post due to some camera issues. After getting back from Yellowstone National Park last month, I sent in my 5D to finally address some hot pixels that had popped up on the sensor a long time ago, as well as getting an overdue cleaning on it.… Keep reading...

Great-Horned Owlet in the Gros Ventre Campground

Great-Horned Owlet in Cottonwood Tree

I feel as though I haven’t been posting very much lately, and I’m going to immediately blame the World Cup. There are certainly other factors at play though. Summers are a very busy time in Jackson Hole and spring has officially begun winding down to make way for summer and in addition to that, I recently moved from northern Jackson down to Wilson, Wyoming, just west of downtown Jackson.… Keep reading...

Great Horned Owlets in Cottonwood Tree

Great-Horned Owlets in Tree Trunk

Up in Gros Ventre Campground in Grand Teton National Park are a couple of Great Horned Owls with two owlets tucked away in a tree. The owlets naturally are drawing all the attention as they occasionally peek their heads out to see what all the commotion is about.

Keep reading...