12 Favorite Photos from 2013


Mountain Lion Mother and Kittens

Certainly one of the most exciting moments of the year was when I found myself sharing a trail with cougars. This was not just the first time I had ever seen wild cougars, it was the first time I had ever seen wild cats at all. The excitement I felt in the moment was overwhelming, and equally was the disappointment when they began to run away.… Keep reading...

The Trophic Cascade from the Gray Wolf

Canyon Wolf Pack in Early 2013

I won’t waste your time in discussing political agendas and biases for and against the gray wolf. We all know that it is a controversial species that many feel is not at all welcome in nature, despite the fact that it has been an integral part of that very nature for tens of thousands of years.… Keep reading...

How I Shot It – Mountain Lion With Kittens

Mountain Lion Mother and Kittens

This isn’t so much a post about the technical aspects of how I got this shot so much as it is a reminder to listen to your intuition. A lot of people confuse intuition with overthinking a certain situation. Intuition does not come with weighing the pros and the cons, nor does it come with analyzing options.… Keep reading...