Sunrise on the Triangle X Ranch and Hedrick Pond

Hedrick Pond and the Grand Teton

The other night I went camping up on Shadow Mountain so that I would be up in Grand Teton National Park in an attempt to find a scenic new spot for sunrise. After a bit of perusing on Google Maps, I found a place that looked like it would work nicely up on the Triangle X Ranch. I found a beautiful spot overlooking Hedrick Pond on the ranch and was able to get there in time to witness my first "real" alpenglow (not in this photo, obviously, though).

In previous posts I’ve mentioned the importance of just getting out there and taking new shots. Moreso than that, however, it’s also important to take new roads that you haven’t taken. This not only gets you comfortable with occasionally breaking out of your comfort zone, but also shows you new sights that are often undocumented. I was driving along backroads for quite a while before stumbling upon this spot. They often take you to wonderful places that most people never come across. Keep traveling down them and you’ll be amazed at what you find, especially in your own backyard!

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