Sunrise from Yavapai Point at the Grand Canyon South Rim

Grand Canyon National Park

One thing to remember when shooting a dramatic sunrise or sunset is to look all around you, including the exact opposite direction. Most people are so fascinated by the sun rising or setting over the horizon that they could be missing the best part of the show taking place right behind them. Such was the case while I was watching sunrise at Yavapai Point at Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim in northern Arizona. I captured a couple of quick shots of the sun itself once the it was immediately above the horizon and then went against the masses to an overlook roughly 30 yards or so west and was all alone in catching this dramatic scene, leaving behind dozens of people staring into the sun that had already come up.

So the next time you’re watching or photographing a dramatic sunrise or sunset, make sure you check all around and see what’s happening where no one else is looking. You might just get the best shot of the moment!

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