Storms Over Sleeping Indian Panorama

Thunderstorm Over The Sleeping Indian

The other night I had made a quick drive out to Kelly, Wyoming in Grand Teton National Park and in looking at the clouds and light, I began expecting a nice sunset over the Tetons. I drove back out toward Highway 89 and got myself set up, patiently waiting for something to happen. I began looking around and noticed the light in the opposite direction above Sheep Mountain, commonly known as The Sleeping Indian (see it?), gradually glowing brighter. I began getting a couple of shots and in stepping back and looking at the scene again, realized it was one of those scenes that had to be a panorama. So I took five shots, stitched them together in Photoshop, cropped a bit off the top and settled upon this image. Thus far, it’s probably my favorite capture of The Sleeping Indian.

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