Northern Lights Over Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole Northern Lights Panorama

For those that weren’t aware, the night of Friday, August 5th showed off a spectacular display of northern lights, visible even as far south as Utah and Colorado. Having only seen them here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (thus far), this was by far the best I have ever seen! My camera was picking them up before twilight had even faded and once complete darkness had taken over, the show really got good as they began to flare up.

I was already determined to camp for the night so knowing I probably wasn’t going to get a good spot in Grand Teton National Park, I looked on the outskirts in Bridger-Teton National Forest for a good spot. I eventually settled upon Shadow Mountain where myself and another friend had an incredible view both to the north for the aurora borealis, as well as to the west of the Tetons.

This photo was taken from the top of Shadow Mountain with Mount Moran being the tallest peak in the bottom-left. The Milky Way Galaxy is visible extending up to the top of the photo on the right, and just to the right of that, in the top-right of the photo is the Adromeda Galaxy. This was the first time I used my (fairly) new Sigma 20mm f/1.8 lens on my 7D and I absolutely loved the results I got! As always, clicking on the photo will take you to a larger version.

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