Coyotes and the Teton Mountains

Coyotes Against Teton Mountains

I finally got my Canon 7D back from repair last week, but the weather had been a lot of wet snow and rain all week. Yesterday however, things seemed to clear up in the morning, so I headed out to Kelly in Grand Teton National Park and found plenty of wildlife to finally give it a real test. While I did come back with some great shots, I’m going to have to run it through some tests because a lot of shots came out out-of-focus when they shouldn’t have. I’m hoping this can be fixed with some simple micro-adjusting, but we’ll see.

Regardless, I am happy that I can at least get some clear shots finally. After following three different foxes and watching them recede farther away, I began heading home and found two coyotes making their way toward a ridge with the Teton Mountains looming in the background. I got plenty of shots of them, but I think this was my favorite of the series. It really puts into scale how dominant the Tetons are to the landscape no matter where you are in Jackson Hole. From this shot, the mountains are still miles and miles away.

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