Valley of the Gods Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm over Butte

Every now and then I like to clean out my archives, which either means removing images that aren’t up to my standards, or redoing an image that just never seemed to pop like it should.

Such was the case with this image of a thunderstorm over Sugarloaf Mountain in Valley of the Gods in southern Utah.… Keep reading...

Zooming in on Wildlife and Their Surroundings

Bull Elk on the National Elk Refuge

Capturing wildlife can be a lot of fun! It’s exciting to be able to experience Mother Nature in a natural moment and to be able to reconnect with it all, and even better, capture a photo that can take you back there at any moment. There’s an innate connection to nature that we all feel and witnessing scenes like this always help us reestablish that connection.… Keep reading...

Practicing Patience with a Herd of Bull Elk

Bull Elk Fighting

Patience is an extremely valuable quality to have, especially as a photographer. It can be extremely rewarding when used properly.

Generally as humans, we tend to want to go out of our way to appease others and make them feel comfortable. I personally believe that everybody has the inherent capability to find happiness themselves and not be dependent on other people fixing a situation to make them happy.… Keep reading...

Bighorn Sheep Rams Fighting

Bighorn Sheep Rams Sparring

I spent all weekend enjoying my brand, new Canon 7D, but unfortunately sent it back to Canon this morning. After shooting with it during that time, I noticed I was coming back with a number of images out of focus. There were some photos that I really liked that sadly didn’t come out as I had hoped, but luckily this one was one of the passable ones.… Keep reading...

Happy Thanksgiving from Jackson Hole!

Snake River Overlook in Winter

I just wanted to take this opportunity on Thanksgiving Day to thank each and every one of you who visit this blog and my website. It’s brought me an incredible amount of joy to see this site grow into what it is today and to be able to interact with anyone that chooses to interact with me, whether it’s through this site, Twitter or Facebook.… Keep reading...