Bighorn Basin Photography Gallery

Eroded Badlands Abstract
Badlands and Bighorn Mountains
Badlands Layers Abstract
Badlands and Absaroka Mountains
Absaroka Mountains Beyond Badlands
Wyoming Badlands Hills
Pronghorn Overlooking Open Desert

Bighorn Basin Information

Spreading out over a vast high desert landscape east of Cody, Wyoming, the Bighorn Basin is home to a beautiful herd of mustangs known as the McCullough Peaks Mustangs, which are contained in the McCullough Peaks Horse Management Area. The region is a deceptively vast high desert that, upon first glance, appears empty and void of any interesting natural features with only a few pronghorn that can be spotted racing across the open expanses of its landscape. A little exploring however will reveal an enormous, elaborate labyrinth of badlands that rivals even Badlands National Park. The Bighorn Basin badlands stretch from miles and miles from the McCullough Peaks all the way out toward the Bighorn Mountains to the east. Upon seeing such a sight, one wonders why there's not more protection for such a mesmerizing natural feature.

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