Berkshire Mountains Photography Gallery

Cascades and Bash Bish Falls
Early Autumn Leaf in Stream
Trees Growing Along Bash Bish Brook
Rocks and Cliffs Around Bash Bish Falls
Vegetation Around Bash Bish Falls
Pool Below Bash Bish Falls
Strong Flow at Bash Bish Falls
Bash Bish Falls Along Bash Bish Brook
Bash Bish Falls
Solitary Blooming Lily Pad
Blooming Lily Pad
Lily Pads on Royal Pond
Blooming Lily Pads in Royal Pond
Lily Pad Flowers
Dead Tree in Royal Pond
Royal Pond with Blooming Lily Pads
Small Creek in Forest
Small Cascading Waterfall
Storm Clouds Above Dismal Bay
Wildflowers Along Dismal Bay
Rushing Waterfall in Forest
Road Passing Through Forest

Berkshire Mountains Information

The Berkshire Mountains, or Berkshires for short, were formed hundreds of millions of years ago with the Appalachian Mountains, and have been eroded down into the beautiful mountains and hills we know today. The area is popular for all kinds of outdoor activities both in summer and winter, and receives a burst of fall tourism thanks to its extraordinary fall color displays. In addition to many farms and a vibrant art scene, the area boasts a healthy amount of public lands for outdoor recreation, such as Beartown and Tolland State Forests and Bash Bish Falls State Park just to name a few.

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