Bandelier National Monument Photography Gallery

Natural Windows Along Tsankawi Trail
Tree Cholla Cactus
Tsankawi Trail
Tsankawi Trail Bending Toward Hill
Abert's Squirrel in Tree
Scarlet Gilia
Prickly Pear Cactus
Fall Colors of Frijoles Canyon
Volcanic Tuff
Frijoles Canyon
Alcove House
Tuff Cliffs and Frijoles Canyon
Ladder to Alcove House
Long House and Tuff Cliff
Long House and Tuff Cliff
Long House and Tuff Cliff
Tyuonyi and Tuff Cliffs
Tyuonyi and Tuff Cliff
Talus House
Indian Pueblo Ruins
Red and Yellow Fall Leaves
Wildflowers and Indian Ruins
Autumn Leaves and Indian Ruins
Fog Over Frijoles Canyon

Bandelier National Monument Information

Tucked away in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, Bandelier National Monument is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Primarily known for Frijoles Canyon, the area is home to many fantastic Indian ruins, many built directly into a cliff of volcanic tuff! It features many hikes and backpacking routes along rolling chaparral hills, all the way up to the ponderosa pine forests of the Jemez Mountains. The nearby Tsankawi Ruins have a more high desert feel and give you a great tour to some ruins still buried and preserved.

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