Arizona Trail Photography Gallery

Roosevelt Lake Below Mountains
Roosevelt Bridge
Saguaro Cactus and Wildflowers
Badlands Along Roosevelt Lake
Badlands Beyond Roosevelt Lake
Hiking Trail in Desert Oasis
Sycamore Trees and Lush Greenery
Sycamore Tree Trunks
Sycamore Tree Trunks and Grasses
Arizona Trail Below Desert Peaks
Superstition Mountains Foothills
Rolling Desert Mountain Foothills
Rocky Cliff in Mountains
Dawn over Desert Mountains
Desert Mountains in Evening Light
Rocky Outcroppings in Evening Light
Twilight over Sierra Ancha Mountains
Sunset over Sierra Ancha Mountains
Sunset on Sierra Ancha Mountains
Sunset on Desert Mountains
Golden Light on Desert Mountains
Sunset Light on Desert Mountains
Evening Sky over Mountains
Mountain in Evening Light
Rocky High Desert Mountains
Large Rocky Outcropping
Juniper Trees in Afternoon Light
Engelmann Hedgehog Cactus Flower
Juniper Trees and Cactus
Desert Mountains in Afternoon Haze
Thru-Hikers Below Cliffs
Desert Mountains in Afternoon Haze
High Desert Mountains and Hills
Thru-Hikers on the Arizona Trail
Rocky Outcroppings in Desert Mountains
Desert Mountain Foothills
Rugged Mountain Landscape
Desert Mountain Foothills
Rocky Cliffs Above Hills
Four Peaks Above Desert Mountains
Four Peaks Above Desert Valley
Four Peaks Beyond High Desert Mountains
Four Peaks Above Rocky Ridgeline
Indian Paintbrush Wildflowers
Sprawling High Desert Forest
Arching Sycamore Trees
Greenery in Reavis Ranch Area
Tree Shadows on Creek
Painted Redstart Bird
Large Juniper Tree Trunk

Arizona Trail Information

The Arizona Trail is an 800-mile trek through some of the most beautiful and unforgiving terrain in the state of Arizona. The trail passes through four National Park entities, seven wilderness areas, nine of Arizona's eleven different biomes, four sky islands, the southwestern boundary of the Colorado Plateau, the Grand Canyon, and enough wild nature to satisfy any craving.

Over the course of seven weeks in the spring of 2016, I hiked the entirety of the trail, spanning from Mexico to Utah. This gallery contains every photo I took along the way, in order of latest to earliest. This Arizona Trail photo gallery contains images from Coronado National Memorial, the Miller Peak Wilderness, the Mount Wrightson Wilderness, Saguaro National Park, the Pusch Ridge Wilderness, the Superstition Wilderness, the Four Peaks Wilderness, the Mazatzal Wilderness, Walnut Canyon National Monument, the Kachina Peaks Wilderness, and Grand Canyon National Park.

I lugged my Canon 5D Mark III for the entirety of the trail, bringing with me a heavy 24-100mm f/4 lens, as well as a more lightweight 70-300mm telephoto for the farther away opportunities. The trek took seven weeks from start to finish, and was an incredibly exciting adventure from start to finish.