Arches National Park Photography Gallery

Snow and Junipers on Slickrock
Sunset Behind Frozen Juniper Tree
Junipers and Snow Along Geologic Uplift
Snowfall Around a Collapsed Arch
Winter Storm Clearing from La Sal Mountains
Snow Along Arches Road
Sandstone Colors Reflected on Snow
Small Canyon in Park Avenue
Park Avenue Trail in Snow
Frost and Ice on Juniper Tree
Cleaing Winter Storm
Fog Clearing Off of Buttes
Dead Juniper Below Fogbow
Snowy Wash Below Sandstone Buttes
Clearing Fog from Park Avenue Trail
Sandstone Cirque Along the Park Avenue Trail
Melting Snow on the Park Avenue Trail
Snow in Park Avenue Trail Wash
Icy Waterpocket in Wash
Winter Fog on Park Avenue Trail
Sunlight Breaking Through a Winter Fog
Icy Juniper Tree Below Butte
Butte Rising Out of Winter Fog
Fog Surrounding the Park Avenue Trail
Junipers Below Sandstone Wall in Fog
Dead Juniper in Winter Fog
Sandstone Spire Rising into Fog
Moody Fog Lighting on Park Avenue Trail
Sunlight and Fog on Buttes
Juniper Trees Below Fog and Butte
Park Avenue Trail in Snow and Fog
Fog and Snow Surrounding Butte
Wash Descending from Butte
Butte Receding into Fog
Frost and Ice on Juniper Branch
Buttes in Fog Above the Park Avenue Trail
Juniper Below Fog and Buttes
Juniper Tree Below Fog and Buttes
Dead Juniper Tree in Fog and Snow
Sunlight Breaking Through Fog
Light Breaking Through Fog
Icicles Below Fog and Buttes
Icicles Hanging from Ledge
Snow Lining Sandstone Buttes
Ice Crystals on Juniper Trees
Snowfall Along Sandstone Buttes
Butte Rising Above Juniper in Fog
Ice Crystals on Juniper Branches

Arches National Park Information

Arches National Park is one of Utah's unique treasures protected by the National Park Service. Caused by a massive uplift of an underground salt bed, countless sandstone fins were left standing where wind, water, and ice all worked together to begin carving out eroded channels that created the arches. The most well-known arch is Delicate Arch, a massive natural arch that sits atop a sandstone bluff over a massive wash. Hordes of people hike the three-mile trail daily to witness its majestic nature. Other popular spots in the park include the Devil's Garden Trail, where visitors can hike to Navajo Arch, Partition Arch, Double O Arch, and many others. Another is the Cove of Caves area where people can hike to Double Arch, the North and South Windows, Turret Arch, and of course, many more amazing features throughout. Arches is also the start of the relatively new Hayduke Trail, a long-distance hiking trail that ultimately ends in Zion National Park, showing off some of southern Utah's most remote and incredible scenery.

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