About Mike Cavaroc and Free Roaming Photography

mike cavaroc

Movies: How to Train Your Dragon; Star Wars; Star Trek II, IV, VI, VIII; John Carter; anything Pixar; anything Edgar Wright; Hector and the Search for Happiness; LEGO Movie

Shows: Star Trek (all of ’em); Firefly; Arrested Development; Parks and Rec; Futurama; Spaced; Scrubs; Farscape; South Park; Pushing Daisies

Books: The End of Night; Where the Wild Things Were; John Carter series; Walden; Desert Solitaire; Cosmos; A New Earth; The Four Agreements; Cowed

Play: Hiking; Backpacking; Filmmaking; Music production; Snowshoeing; Drawing; Astrophotography

In a nutshell: A major geek who likes to feel good and play outside

Originating from New Orleans, Louisiana, I had always been curious about the enigmatic draw of the western United States. After graduating college, I was at last lured out west to begin exploring its diversity. I spent four valuable years in Phoenix, Arizona before discovering the nearly intact wildness of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, complete with wondrous mountain landscapes, rich wildlife, dark night skies, and two of the nation’s most exciting national parks! It was here that I felt more at home than anywhere on Earth and where I discovered that despite what most people believe, wildlife and the natural world still have a long road to recovery.

My Vision

My camera comes with me everywhere. Not just because of the old "Ya never know." saying, but because when I look through my camera, I see the world the way I want it to be. I see majestic landscapes and detailed beauty complete with free roaming wildlife of all varieties. The viewfinder acts as a window to this pristine, natural world that I can enter into at any moment I choose. It’s my release, my getaway, and my freedom. I take my camera with me everywhere so that I can get to that place no matter where I am, or what I’m experiencing. It’s always there to keep me in balance and to continue creating the world in which I want to live. Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming have provided me with an unfathomable and never-ending amount of scenery and experiences to help me escape to. Despite the unending beauty however, I’m constantly searching for new lands to discover to add to my own, personal world. I have my camera to document the development and remind me of which direction I want to be moving in, all simply by looking through a viewfinder.

With so many people focused on so many things going wrong with the world, I prefer to see a rich, pure Mother Nature thriving around every corner. Thanks to my camera, I can capture her beauty as I want to see it and remember it in just that way.

Current Projects and Community Involvement


TEDxJacksonHole – Restoring the Night Sky for a Healthier Future


The Sun
The Sun
Cowboys and Indians
Jackson Hole Magazine
Jackson Hole Magazine
Jackson Hole Magazine
Jackson Hole Magazine
Jackson Hole Magazine
Jackson Hole Magazine
Gros Ventre Wilderness wildflowers in Backpacker Magazine
Photo of 712M of the Canyon Pack published in the National Parks Conservation Association bulletin
A photo of Turquoise Lake published in Backpacker Magazine, taken by Mike Cavaroc.
PDN Edu - Vol. 12, Issue 1, Spring 2013
America's National Parks - by the editors of National Parks Magazine, 2012
America's National Parks - by the editors of National Parks Magazine, 2012
Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance Magazine, Spring 2012
Elk Photo in Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance
Grand Teton National Park Foundation Bear Box Postcard
Black Wolf in National Parks Conservation Association
Moose on Bike Path in National Geographic Traveler
Havasu Falls Night Shot in Outdoor Photographer
Havasu Falls Night Shot in Jackson Hole News and Guide
Bear Mountain Black and White on Distinction Cover